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Alejandro Canca Mancera - FMVA/CBCA/CMSA



Nowadays, money acts as vehicle in our life and the economic theory tells you the rate at which you should drive. Accounting is the license you need to comply with fiscality, and Finance are the wheels to get you where you want to go. I am a person with great passion for my career and remarkable Excel / programming skills. I progressed very rapidly to management/executive position due my interest, personal and key skills providing a world class service.

- I am a certified financial modeler, business valuation, credit & securities analyst by the Corporate Finance Institute in Canada. I holds a Bachelor degree in Business Accounting and the Certificate of Business Accounting in CIMA. Started my career working in the accountancy industry and then specialised into the IGaming industry, whereby served as Group Financial Controller and Finance director and specialised in managing small and medium size companies and helping to automatize procedures through macros and scripts.


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